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  Fast paced Death metal riffing with black metal influences here and there 

  Tinged with a bit of Swedish melody, now and again, to be unoriginal ..... LOL

  Not all influences are visible on these few songs,check other sites for more songs

  Exsanguinator is a solo project since 1994, when I arrived in Australia

  It's Death Metal .... critically... nothing original

  It may all sound the same to the untrained ear, but thats what it's supposed to be

  I don't feel this is anything special really, I'm not a genius

  It was just recorded in my toilet, no flashy equipment to fool anyone, no studio buffs to polish the crap

  It's just  me ... LOL ...

  So....it's basically to just to get my music out there for the underground dudes to appreciate \o/

  I have no intentions to re-record my stuff in a pro studio, nor accept any money for my music been distributed publicly

  Download it, Share it, Burn it, Rip it ... all for free ... like it should be ....

  But I do expect to be paid to pass my skills on, so support my music tuition page


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